"Engagement, motivating students to learn, providing opportunities for success, showing real-world applications."

"He is literally one of the best professors I have had at USC"

"Extremely fair grader. More than willing to accommodate special requests/needs of students and very welcoming"

"Weaknesses? A legend has no weaknesses"

"Genuinely nice person that will just talk to you too, one of my favorite professors ive had. Gave real life examples to help make content more relevant and interesting"

"I don't think I've had a better professor during my time here at USC. The man deserves all the good vibes"

"Sina is an awesome guy, very helpful, and truly wants to help you learn and succeed in his class because he believes in what he teaches and knows it is useful throughout life"

"Sina REALLY REALLY cares about what he's teaching and about his students. Probably one of the best teacher's I've had at USC​"

"Nicest professor I’ve had at USC and one of the most passionate about the material being taught"

"One of the most caring professors I've ever had. He talks to us with respect and interest. Learning about his culture was fun and helped us connect with him"

"Sina is one of the genuinely nicest people and professors I have ever met. He makes sure that each student understands the material before moving on, and is willing to work problems individually when they are struggling. He also was constantly looking for feedback, which he took into consideration and followed to improve the course"

"He never hesitated to answer a question and if he didn't know the answer he would come back next class with the answer and explain it to us"

"Sina has a love for this material and through that has a way to easily explain and share what he truly knows"

"Professor Aghaie was very interactive and helpful when it came to lectures and projects because he actually made sure we were doing the assignment correct before moving on. He wanted conversation in class instead of lectures and kept the class interesting through his questions"

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